The factory

Decodesign was born in Trieste in April 2010 from the idea of two partners with a long experience in naval and civil furniture.

They have acquired a strong experience in shipbuilding, since both of them come from and work in a city with strong tradition in this sector.

They have worked in the creation of public areas, such as casinos, restaurants, halls in some of the most luxurious ships that ply the worldwide seas nowadays. They have also worked on the creation of luxury yacht cabinetry and interiors.

According to the clients’ specific needs for design and renovation project, they manufacture and install custom-made interiors for ships: such as walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, counters, back-counters, servants etc.

They have also gained a long experience in the interior design and creation of furniture for shops, private homes and hotels.

Our strength lies in fully supporting the client at 360 degrees to fulfill every kind of need, with an offer that includes not only the realization of furniture, but also all the additional accessories, be they masonry, windows or doors.

We use a wide range of materials in all our projects in order to meet the specific customer requests.